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At Fugu, our food is prepared in two separate kitchens and served as prepared to promote a sharing & fun experience for our guests. If traditional service is preferred, please notify your server.

Bar & Patio Menu

At Fugu we offer an array of spirits from traditonal and flavored Sakes to various Japanese whiskeys. Our bar service also includes several Japanese Fusion cocktails such as our Fugu Martini with wasabi stuffed olives or our Komodo Dragon with its edible citrus bubble. For those less adventurous, we continue to provide full traditional bar service and cocktails as well.

Happy Hour Daily: 5pm - 6pm

All day Wednesday




At Fugu we offer an array of hot and cold sakes. From our Mio Sparking Sake  to our Kuromatsu Gold Flake Junmai made with real 18K gold flakes you are bound to find yourself enjoying a unique sake experience unlike anywhere else.

For those new to sake the following will help you seek out and find the perfect pairing during your dining experience!

Junmai - means "pure" made from only rice, water and koji.

Ginjo - rice polished to 60% & processed with low temperature fermentation.

Junmai Ginjo - no more than 60% of original rice grain. 2nd highest grade of sake.

Daiginjo - means "big ginjo". rice is polished to 50%.

Junmai Daiginjo - highest grade of sake. Highly refined and fragrant.

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